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"The sightreading guitarist"

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Dave Weil is a full-time professional studio and touring guitarist based in New York City.  Dave’s career spans over 15 years on the stage and in the studio with a wide variety of bands and artists as well as independent film, television, and advertising credits.  His extensive studio career highlights an emphasis on versatility in an array of styles including rock, pop, metal, country, and blues.  

Unlike most of his peers, Dave is an accomplished sightreader and is fluent in the language of music and music theory.

Times have changed and so have recording budgets.  By working from his studio Dave offers clients substantial savings on studio costs and increased scheduling flexibility.  With state-of-the-art recording equipment and top-of-the-line instruments, Dave offers clients the same quality of work typically found in big high-budget studios, but at a much lower cost.  

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